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Online brand presence is the focus of all kJOY services. Staying true to who you are needs to transcend through all of your marketing platforms. Potential customers make emotional connections with your brand, deciding if they want to do business, within seconds of viewing your website, logo, or advertising. The importance of brand management across all platforms is as vital to the future of your company as it is maintaining current clients. Staying on trend with social media, having a mobile responsive website, and aesthetically pleasing newsletters are just a piece of your brand presence. Do you have yours under control?

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Website Design

This is the most important aspect of your online brand presence. Your website should be the ultimate example of who you are, what you offer, and how to get it. kJOY Designs helps with not only a gorgeous layout, but SEO ranking, Google Console, and more.

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Social Media

Social media is it’s own beast. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest… how do you know which platform to use and how to make the most of your posting? kJOY Designs offers social media management and social media courses setting you up for success on your ideal platform.

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Marketing Outreach

Marketing outreach is anything from email blasts, newsletters, advertising and more. kJOY Designs helps with editing all marketing attempts for the ideal finished product to receive desired outcomes.

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kJOY Designs offers photography services to make your branding more professional and aesthetically pleasing. A smart phone camera can only go so far.